Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halloween 2012

So Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but once the school parties, costume parades, and potlucks are over, and everyone has eaten dinner and is dressed in their costumes, I do enjoy the evening of Halloween. The kids love being dressed up, and there is a pleasant, community feel as we Trick or Treat and say high to neighbors. Other adults seem to have so much fun dressing up that Travis and I say, "We really ought to try that some time." But it never lasts past that night, and in the end, we just aren't much fun. 

This Halloween the weather was warm and lovely. Anna didn't want to dress up--or at least she wanted to want to dress up and always wished she had after the fact--but she had fun carrying Lucy most of the night. Lucy clutched her plastic pumpkin the entire night and had as much fun as everyone else--until the end of the night. Sarah was sprinting the first half, and ended up in the stroller the second. Michael has been dressing up in his costume for months. Our neighbor is a pilot in the Air Force, and he lent Michael his real captain's hat and aviator sunglasses. 


Angiegirl said...

Michael looks awesome!

Claudia said...

Your kids looked fantastic! How fun.