Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sarah and Lucy

Reading the Sunday comics and helping themselves to a leftover hamburger bun

I just happened to take some cute pictures of Sarah and Lucy on a recent Sunday after church. This can be hard to do--Easter was certainly a bust as far as pictures were concerned. It's so fun to have so many little girls to put in cute dresses. Both of these dresses were passed down from older sisters, and it makes me happy to see them used again.

Ogden Half Marathon

Anna and Travis ran the Ogden Half Marathon on May 10. Brigham, Travis's brother, and Tyson, brother-in-law, also ran.  They all did super. This was Anna's and Tyson's first half-marathon. Anna and Travis trained hard. They were both frustrated to have their final weeks of training get interrupted by life, but they were both happy with their times. Anna got a 1:57 and Travis a 1:49. Brigham came in earlier by a few minutes. He is an awesome runner and coaches many runners, including Anna. I was happy at how much she enjoyed the race because the training has been no fun for any of us :). I love watching a marathon or half marathon. I've never run one myself, and never plan to, but I like the environment. It feels happy, healthy, and positive. Even walking around in my pudgy nursing mom state, I feel like I'm suddenly healthier just by being around everyone! We all went to Kneaders in Layton after the race and enjoyed bottomless french toast. Mom Dastrup trained hard for the race and was putting in serious miles until she got an injury and had to lay off running. She is amazing! 

Anna, Travis, Brigham, and Tyson
Travis and Anna. This particular race was Travis's idea. He loves to make a goal and rally others around him. He lost 50 pounds and I'm so proud of him!
Anna with her uncle, Coach Brigham
Sarah, waiting for the runners at the finish line
Cousin April 
Michael Max
Lots of the wonderful Dastrup supporters
Grandpa Max, holding Mary, and Sarah
Annie Willis. I like this picture because it shows Annie as I think of her: always smiling (and ready to help anyone), always efficient, and always on the go. I long to be efficient! Please rub off on me.
Sarah and Anna
Lucy and Mary
Sarah really got a kick out of this portable hand washing station
The whole crew
Anna and Mom
The two runners: Anna and Travis
Mary, almost 7 months

Travis, sitting by his parents
Sarah and Ty entertaining Mary. Ty seriously loves babies!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo Shoot of Sisters for Lucy's 2nd Birthday

I tried to take some cute pictures of these three little sisters on the morning of Lucy's 2nd birthday, but she was being such a varmint! A few weeks later, they are making me smile.(But why can I not forget to check the ISO? It was at 4000 again with all of this beautiful natural light.) We love this little girl so much. She is full of personality and always makes her presence known. Lately she has been saying, "I need you, Mommy! I need you!" in the most earnest little voice. And she calls Michael, Buckle. "Buckle, Buckle, I need you!" Who could resist that?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three Weeks Old

Mary, three weeks old. I can't believe how much bigger she is in three short weeks. Postpartum weeks sure fly! Did time almost stand still for others while I was pregnant, or did it go this fast? I'm sleepy and my world feels chaotic, but we're all very happy.
Michael, playing his cello. If he doesn't get his practicing done in the morning, Lucy makes it really hard. She loves to stand right up against him and help him with his bow. He often gives up and reads to her and finishes his practicing later.
Grandma Dastrup reading to Lucy. We haven't found her saturation point with books yet. She loves to be read to. 

Little Red Riding Hood, a Gray Kitten, and an Airforce Pilot

A simple, happy Halloween with Mary only one week old. Grandma Thompson was still with us, and took the kids Trick or Treating with Travis while Anna, Emily, and Mary stayed home. Travis lucked out, and though he was on Citywide ophthalmology call, he didn't have any calls while he was Trick or Treating with the kids. Grandma made some yummy Halloween soup, and when the kids came home we watched Harry Potter 1. They thought they could drop off Lucy and go back out with Michael and Sarah, but when she realized they were leaving her, she grabbed her pumpkin and raced for the door, only to have it close just before she could slip out. She was crushed and sobbed until Travis came back for her. Lucy gets Trick or Treating, and she hates being left behind. Sarah was Little Red Riding Hood, Lucy wore the gray kitten costume that Grandma Thompson made for Anna when she was two years old and also obsessed with kitties, and Michael stoically squeezed into last year's costume, an Airforce pilot, even though it was really too small for him. Our awesome neighbor, who is a real Airforce pilot, lent him his hat and leather bomber jacket, but I didn't get any pictures of the complete look. No one was cooperating for group pictures, but we'll remember that we got it done, and that it was even fun!