Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo Shoot of Sisters for Lucy's 2nd Birthday

I tried to take some cute pictures of these three little sisters on the morning of Lucy's 2nd birthday, but she was being such a varmint! A few weeks later, they are making me smile.(But why can I not forget to check the ISO? It was at 4000 again with all of this beautiful natural light.) We love this little girl so much. She is full of personality and always makes her presence known. Lately she has been saying, "I need you, Mommy! I need you!" in the most earnest little voice. And she calls Michael, Buckle. "Buckle, Buckle, I need you!" Who could resist that?


Melissa said...

Such beautiful little girls!

Anonymous said...

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April Jensen said...

Dear Emily,
What a beautiful family you have. I love getting a peek into your life from far away. Thank you for being you.
Love, April Jensen