Sunday, November 24, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood, a Gray Kitten, and an Airforce Pilot

A simple, happy Halloween with Mary only one week old. Grandma Thompson was still with us, and took the kids Trick or Treating with Travis while Anna, Emily, and Mary stayed home. Travis lucked out, and though he was on Citywide ophthalmology call, he didn't have any calls while he was Trick or Treating with the kids. Grandma made some yummy Halloween soup, and when the kids came home we watched Harry Potter 1. They thought they could drop off Lucy and go back out with Michael and Sarah, but when she realized they were leaving her, she grabbed her pumpkin and raced for the door, only to have it close just before she could slip out. She was crushed and sobbed until Travis came back for her. Lucy gets Trick or Treating, and she hates being left behind. Sarah was Little Red Riding Hood, Lucy wore the gray kitten costume that Grandma Thompson made for Anna when she was two years old and also obsessed with kitties, and Michael stoically squeezed into last year's costume, an Airforce pilot, even though it was really too small for him. Our awesome neighbor, who is a real Airforce pilot, lent him his hat and leather bomber jacket, but I didn't get any pictures of the complete look. No one was cooperating for group pictures, but we'll remember that we got it done, and that it was even fun!

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Angiegirl said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah is an adorable Red Riding Hood.