Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mary Emily's Birth

Emily, nine months pregnant. Travis had me stand at an angle because you really couldn't tell I was pregnant straight-on. I know I still don't look very big, and we were concerned about how small I was after Lucy was only 5'4". I've never gotten very big with my pregnancies, but Lucy and Mary were both small for their gestational ages. 
It's no secret that I love being induced and having an epidural. That combination has worked so well for me. Only with Lucy did I go into labor on my own. I love having this time to spend with my husband. He's so busy that it feels like a date to get to go to the hospital and spend two days with him while I have a baby. We get to laugh and talk and enjoy the whole experience. I wanted my kids to visit while I was in labor because Anna, Michael, and Sarah were all nervous about the delivery. They were able to see me smiling and relaxed and picture the room and get some of their questions answered. They weren't able to visit when I had Lucy, so we were all very happy that there were not restrictions this time. 
My induction was pushed back three hours. We showed up McKay Dee Hospital at 10:45, and by 11:30 by pitocin and penicillin were started. I was Strep B positive this time, so they kept the pitocin slow so that i would have time to get all of the antibiotics before she was born. My kids and my mom visited at about 3:30. We all guessed the weight of the baby and time of delivery. Anna's guess was closest for weight, and mine was closest for delivery time. My progression was slow and steady until I was a 4. I was only a 2 and 60 percent effaced at the beginning of my induction, but I went from a 4 to complete in less than half an hour. It could have been ten or twenty minutes. My nurse and doctor never believe it will be that fast, but I was glad I asked for a bolus on my epidural in time to push. It took only three small pushes. She was born very easily, as all of my babies have been. Mary Emily was 5'10" and 18" long. She looks almost identical to Anna's newborn pictures with a similar amount of brown hair. We fell in love with her immediately, her siblings too. How fun to share this experience with three kids who will remember her birth and an over-eager toddler who is just obsessed with babies! Grandma Thompson and Grandma and Grandpa Dastrup all visited with our kids after her birth. So much fun to share our new baby with everyone!


David and Mary Walton said...

That was wonderful!! Loved hearing all about the lovely entry into life for this little Mary. Love the family involvement. What a beauty she is! So happy for your darling family.

Emily said...

Hooray! She is so perfect--so glad to hear your news.

Angiegirl said...

She's perfect. We can't wait to meet her.

Elisa said...

Finally saw all these pictures! Love them!!