Friday, December 21, 2012

Lucy Turns 1

Poor Lucy was really sick on her 1st birthday. We didn't know it at the time, but her fever, constant crying, and inability to sleep (from pain) was because she had strep, an accidental birthday gift from Anna. Apparently it's unusual to have strep at 12 months. Emily got it too. But we still had a fun party with both sets of grandparents driving up from Orem at this busy time of year. Grandma and Grandpa Thompson brought Will and Piper with them too. Lucy perked up a little with the company and a full dose of Motrin (hard to get in little ones), but fell asleep in Emily's arms during dinner. This was her only nap of the day. She woke up to the clapping after Piper and Sarah blew out her candle for her, and she was able to open her presents. There were tears, but they were punctuated with a few genuine smiles. She was pleased with her presents, which is as much as you can hope for from a one year-old, healthy or sick. Her cream cheese frosted cupcakes were the second batch. The first disappeared from our back porch while we were at Target. They were homemade banana with pineapple cream cheese centers--a fussy but delicious recipe. Lucy has very descriminating taste. I would put money on the magpies as culprits. The second batch were strawberry-from-a-box, but they served their purpose just fine. We adore this little girl! Everyone in the family has a special relationship with her, and she smiles in such a way we're all convinced we're her favorite. 

The next morning Lucy was still sick--after a long night, but happy to see her toys. She understood perfectly that they were hers, and she loved to empty and fill her walker wagon. A week later she still does that, but here's how it's really used. She doesn't push it, she gets rides in it. She climbs in it all the time and sits there until a big sibling pushes her. She especially loves Michael to push her because he goes way too fast. I'm afraid we're raising a little adrenaline junkie. 

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Elisa said...

Oh that is one cute little girl!!!