Sunday, December 16, 2012

Real Life in December

Michael gathered all of his sturdy vehicles and invited Lucy and Sarah to come play with him in his bedroom. These little girls had so much fun! This shot doesn't show a fourth of the vehicles he out of for them. I have bought so many cars, trucks, and planes! It's fun to see how much Lucy and Sarah enjoy them too. Anna used to play Cars with Michael. It was an enormous, long game that included toys and knickknacks from all over the house as well as everything with wheels. It was really an elaborate game of house, designed by Anna. They had marriages, births, deaths, adoptions, elections, laws, trials, construction, utilities, natural disasters, holidays . . . I can't believe I never took any decent pictures or video. Michael was never happier than when Anna played cars with him. He never got to make any decisions, but he had a lot of fun. Sometimes they even let Sarah sit on the top bunk and watch the game from above:). 

A really nice woman in our ward passed on some clothes for Anna. This vintage 1980s European boy's snowsuit was in the bag, and for some reason it really caught Sarah's fancy. 

I know this last picture is really gross. I noticed a growing odor of urine in Sarah and Lucy's room, but no matter how many times I changed their sheets and how much Febreze I used, it was getting worse instead of better. I knelt down to retrieve something by the edge of their dresser and saw the corner of a Pull-up. Their dresser is set at an angle, so there was a lot of space behind it. This is what we found when we pulled it out. Apparently Sarah has been using this space as a handy disposal. Hard to believe someone so cute could be doing this! 

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Angela Willis said...

BA HA HA!!!... on the last. :D

I love your pictures and journaling. PLEASE give me lessons when we come.