Sunday, January 27, 2013

Christmas Eve Evening

A fun Christmas Eve afternoon/early evening with the Thompsons before we headed back to Ogden. The first picture is of Lucy and Scout, and it's the only picture where Lucy isn't mauling Scout. She just couldn't keep her hands off of her! Anna was recovering from a horrible cough. She actually fell sound asleep sitting--sort of--in a chair. How fun to spend time with family and enjoy old and new traditions. Angie has an amazing collection of costumes from around the world. My nativity pictures didn't do them justice, but I'll bet Aaron's did. It's a lot of work to prepare great food, but I always think it's worth it when we sit down and enjoy the feast. That's probably easy for me to say this year. I got off too easy on food prep. We got a lot of snow on Christmas Eve so the roads were slick, but it only added 30 minutes to our drive. We kept saying, "Stay awake, kids!" They did, and we got everyone put to bed at a good hour. I know we won't always get to Orem on Christmas Eve, but we're so glad we got to be with both of our families this year, and still make it home for our own special Christmas morning. It takes a lot of preparation to do it all, but we sure had happy visits with everyone. I love Christmas Eve as an adult, late at night. It's so peaceful and magical that I'm always a little slow to go to bed, but boy that pillow feels good when we get there. 

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Elisa said...

Your pictures look very nice from Christmas and Christmas Eve!!! I want some!